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I'll never give up

I'll never give up

I love my tattoos* Piercings* Makeup* Cool Hair* Fashion* Music* Dancing* Partys* Friends* Youtube* My Car* Reading* Relaxing* Jersey Shore*

I love hearing your voice before you go to bed. Even though we’re not together right now I need you so bad and love you to the moon and back.

Every 11:11 wish is wasted on you.

Wish I could get you off my mind long enough to get some sleep. :/

I’ve gotten this Love thing wrong so many times. I’ve lied and been lied to. I’ve done dirt and I’ve been done dirty. I’ve been let down and i’ve disappointed, all out of selfishness and pride. I’ve played games and been played with. I’ve built walls and been shut out, all out of ego and insecurity. I’ve been pushed away and I’ve avoided letting anyone get too close, all out of hurt and fear. I’ve tried love and it’s played me. I’ve tried caring and I’ve messed up, way too many times. But I haven’t given up. I still have hope. The lies hurt my feelings but it has taught my heart how to heal itself.

irrelevant-ideas asked: Hey, if you ever need anything, just to vent or advice or anything, please message me! You seem to be going through a lot, stay strong (:


Hey! Thanks hun! Remembering to stay strong is always the hard part. But I’m makin it.. slowly but surely.

How could I still break down every time I think of you? I hurt you so bad. But I think I’m now hurting more. I hate feeling so broken inside of the thought of not having you. I miss you so much and wish I could just talk to you. I never thought it’d be this hard to get over you. I just don’t want to live without you. Please come home to me. Where you were always supposed to stay. 

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Here’s to the kids.

The kids who would rather spend their night with a bottle of coke and Patrick or Sonny playing on their headphones than go to some vomit-stained high school party.

To the kids whose 11:11 wish was wasted on one person who will never be there for them.

Here’s to the kids whose idea of a good night is sitting on the hood of a car, watching the stars.

Here’s to the kids who were never too good at life, but still were wicked cool.

Here’s to the kids who listened to Fall Out Boy and Hawthorne Heights before they were on MTV and blame MTV for ruining their life.

Here’s to the kids who care more about the music than the haircuts.

Here’s to the kids who have crushes on a stupid lush.

Here’s to the kids who hum “a little less 16 candles, a little more touch me” when they’re stuck home, dateless, on a Saturday night.

Here’s to the kids who have ever had a broken heart from someone who didn’t even know they existed.

Here’s to the kids who have read The Perks of Being a Wallflower and didn’t feel so alone after doing so.

Here’s to the kids who spend their days in photobooths with their best friends.

Here’s to the kids who are straight up smartasses and just don’t care.

Here’s to the kids who speak their mind.

Here’s to the kids who consider screamo their lullaby for going to sleep.

Here’s to the kids who second guess themselves on everything they do.

Here’s to the kids who will never have 100 percent confidence in anything they do, and to the kids that are okay with that.

Here’s to the kids.

This one’s not for the kids who always get what they want, but for the ones who never had it at all.

It’s not for the ones who never get caught, but for the ones who always try and fail.

This one’s for the kids who didn’t make it, we were the kids who never made it; the overcast girls and the underdog boys.

Not for the kids who had all their joys. This one’s for the kids who never faked it.

We’re the kids who didn’t make it.

They say “breaking hearts is what we do best,” and “we’ll make your heart be ripped out of your chest.”

The only heart that I broke was mine, when I got my hopes up too high.

We were the kids who didn’t make it.

We are the kids who never made it.

I hope you’re happy with your girlfriend. I really do.

But if she hurts you I WILL WHOOP HER F’N ASS! 

Lets pick up where we left off

It’s been almost a year since I’ve seen you. =( I always thought I couldn’t live without you. I guess I can. I just don’t want to.